“Tam Cam: The Untold Story” Trailer

In Theaters September 2017

Story: Long ago, Viet Nam was ruled by a peaceful, tranquil and wise King. Unfortunately the Queen soon died and left the King a son. The years pass by, the Prince grew up and became a handsome and talented man. But he did not care about the people and kingdom while the King fell deathly ill.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister never stopped trying to attain power from the King but he covered himself as a very faithful servant. One day, on the way to enjoy the Spring season, the Prince had a crush on Tấm, a countryside girl, and married her.

A while later, the King died and the kingdom was led by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister planned to kill the Prince, thus making himself King while the Queen, Tấm, was killed by Cám and her step-mother. Through hard and tough time, with the help of the fairies and friends, the Prince fought against the Prime Minister. He won the battle and took back the kingdom. Moreover, he found Tấm and they lived happily ever after.

Cleopatra Entertainment